High quality for stable moisture protection

Keep your home dry. A well-protected and dry cellar is the best guarantee for wall maintenance and protection, removes moisture from walls, protects against mold and prevents other problems. The first defensive layer and effective and permanent foundation of the foundation walls, if done correctly during the construction phase. Dimpled diaphragm is made of special strong plastic material proved to be the best choice. But not every brand of dimpled membranes is as good as the Majplast dimpled memrbana MPM400: there are substantial differences in terms of hardness, stability and eventually material.

We try to choose a higher class material - your home will be forever grateful.


How thin mattresses work?

When it comes to protecting the foundation walls, the diluted membrane is indispensable: they combine elasticity and strength based on its unique form with a stamping effect on the foundation walls. It has a dry, airy wall and is resistant to shocks.

MAJPLAST Dimpled membrane




When selecting dimpled membranes, features such as resistance to spread, resistance to chemicals and mold and bacteria protection should be considered, to ensure that dimpled membranes perform their function for many years to come.




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